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Selection for the 15th PTSGI.com Translation Scholarship 2018 st

Selection for the 15th PTSGI.com Translation Scholarship 2018 starting early

Registration for the 15th PTSGI.com Translation Scholarship 2018 has officially been announced, offering students in Taiwan's colleges and universities a fair platform to test their mettle. Participation is open to students from any department and of any nationality. The number of scholarships has been raised to 20 awards at NT$ 15,000 each.


English-to-Chinese and Japanese-to-Chinese translations are the most popular language pairs of the contest. Don't miss out on this chance! Register today! This year's contest features the largest set of language pairs to date: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and certain South East Asian languages such as Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, making for a total of 14 language pairs.


The entries will be reviewed by translation experts with more than 15 years of experience, and judged by native speakers of the 14 target languages. The prize-winners will be invited to the PTSGI.com 2018 Gala Dinner, where they will be on stage to receive their awards.


Why not step up to the challenge! If not for the prize, then for honor and experience! For more info and registration details, please visit www.PTSGI.com, the sponsor's website.