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Project Management

Large projects often involve massive amounts of translation; an error in any one part will require substantial manpower to correct. Sticking to procedures is crucial to prevent cost overruns. We control the schedule of each project with our Project Workflow Chart and a special project team delegated to each individual project is formed to see the entire process through, from acceptance of the initial documents thru delivery to the client.


Members of a Project Team
  Professional Translators (approximately 3-20 persons depending on project size)
  Sales Managers to liaise with the customers
  Project Managers to coordinate with the translation team
  Highly qualified editing team
  Talented graphic designer

The 10-30-60 Project Quality Assurance Principle
Our 10-30-60 principle guides PTSGI’s project teams. When conducting large projects, the project team will complete the first 10% before submitting this to the client for an initial check on quality and terminology. The following 30% of work is carried out based on customer feedback and suggestions, and returned to the client for further verification and feedback. The final 60% of the project is finished based on all previous client feedback.