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Large projects often involve massive amounts of translation; an error in any one part will require substantial manpower to correct. Sticking to procedures is crucial to prevent cost overruns. We control the schedule of each project with our Project Workflow Chart and a special project team delegated to each individual project is formed to see the entire process through, from acceptance of the initial documents thru delivery to the client.


Members of a Project Team
  Professional Translators (approximately 3-20 persons depending on project size)
  Sales Managers to liaise with the customers
  Project Managers to coordinate with the translation team
  Highly qualified editing team
  Talented graphic designer

The 10-30-60 Project Quality Assurance Principle
Our 10-30-60 principle guides PTSGI’s project teams. When conducting large projects, the project team will complete the first 10% before submitting this to the client for an initial check on quality and terminology. The following 30% of work is carried out based on customer feedback and suggestions, and returned to the client for further verification and feedback. The final 60% of the project is finished based on all previous client feedback.

When translating different types of professional documents, the translator must have superior language skills, professional knowledge in a specialized field, and the ability to understand the original text and convert it into another language in a faithful and fluent manner. PTSGI's strengths lie in our careful selection of translators; we find the highest qualified translators based on their specialization and experience to match the needs of your documents. Our team of translators is fluent in various languages and specializations. Our strict recruitment standards and sophisticated classification of specialized fields allow us to cater to our customers every need.

  Selection based on evaluation from senior translators
  Specialized assignments proceed to specialists
  A wide range of specializations, i.e. engineering & machinery, law & finance, literature & music, marketing & media and more
  Follow-up audit and evaluation to manage the quality of the translators and the translated documents

We have also established a set of follow-up audits and evaluation mechanisms. After a translation is completed, it is first edited by a senior editor and then proofread by the project managers. Finally, it is checked again by the sales officer before submitted to the client. This complex procedure is in place to ensure the consistency and accuracy of every document. Your projects are our mission; your pursuit for perfection is our duty.

The World Wide Web has made international sales and brand promotion essentials for any business. Global marketing first requires establishing a multilingual website; a complicated task suited solely for professional linguists with the most advanced software technology and hardware facilities, to ensure design consistency and website functions. Multilingual webpage translation requires translators liaise with professional computer technicians, as the translation quality carries a broad impact. So choosing the right translation company is vital!

  CAT (computer aided translation) supports multiple formats- asp, php, xml, jsp, and html
  Applications such as Flash, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver integrate graphics and text into multilingual webpages
  Designs of multilingual links or lists for easy language switch
  Instant price quotes with URL; no original document needed

PTSGI has a comprehensive range of technical software and hardware facilities established in a dedicated information technology department to provide instant technical support on websites. We strive to satisfy the diversified needs of our customers. We always deliver the fastest and most comprehensive solutions no matter how novel your webpage functions or how complicated your design. PTSGI’s multilingual website service allows you to envision more than you can imagine.

Patent translation is a unique and highly specialized field. A translator for such job requires specialized knowledge and precise language skills and understand the legal regulations and required document formats. PTSGI established a dedicated patent translation team several years ago in response to the growing need of professional patent translation. Team members all possess technical backgrounds as well as potent language skills.

  Dedicated patent translation team to ensure quality
  Multilingual patent translation services offer one-stop shopping
  A wide range of fields which include electronic and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry and more
  Free amendment service

Our advantages garnered us the trust from our patent translation clients, which include all the major patent agencies in Taiwan as well as overseas. They chose PTSGI because we are simply the best.

To meet the needs of the burgeoning electronics industry and the technological products that require continual updating, our technical writing department was established eight years ago to extend PTSGI’s 40 years of experience in translation into the field of technical writing. We produce the highest quality operational manuals through the most stringent and detailed procedures. With our technical writing service, you no longer need bear extra management cost or worry about customer complaints about unreadable user manuals.

  Arrange a technical writer to visit your company for product training, to thoroughly understand the product, and discuss related issues to facilitate the most precise, complete, and effective communication
  Propose a TOC and confirm the delivery schedule within two days after product training
  Deliver the first draft, amend according to the customer’s feedback, and confirm delivery schedule
  Set up a safe and integrated database for each customer for version upgrade.
  Provide high quality images to enrich the manuals and facilitate accurate communication to the reader.
We have also expanded our services to multilingual translation and professional desktop publishing. By choosing PTSGI, you can have all the writing and pre-publishing tasks finished under one roof. Let PTSGI’s professional service add the final touches to your products.


Every client has their own particular needs, and PTSGI offers an array of interpretation services. Whether you need a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter for your seminar, or a personal interpreter for visiting foreign clients, an interpreter becomes a representative of your company or organization. They are the frontline employees who possess not only language skills but also proper demeanor and knowledge of international etiquette.

Our Advantages
  Our talent pool, accumulated over 40 years, provides the most diversified professionals
  Customized services cater to your individual needs
  Professional simultaneous interpretation equipment available for lease

A good interpreter adds to company image and helps expand business. Upon receiving a client's request and detailed requirements, our sales staff screens several professional interpreters who meet the criteria and submit the name list to the client for final decision. At PTSGI, we uphold the principle of "creating the highest value for our customers" and we find the most suitable and professional interpreter for your every occasion.

Rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation
  Infrared simultaneous translation systems
  Infrared receivers and headsets
  Professional soundproof interpretation booths

The widespread use of the Internet and computers in recent years highlights the importance of software localization in software companies. Software localization integrates translation and software engineering technologies.

Our Advantages
  Precise and consistent terminology eliminates confusion
  Customized and well-maintained term base simplifies future upgrade
  Project completed with thorough software testing after language conversion on the software interface
  World-class software engineering technology

Good quality localization will bring you more business; poor quality localization will compromise sales even if your products are the best in the market. PTSGI offers integrated solutions and creates the highest values for our clients through professional translation engineering technologies.


PTSGI is a professional company you can trust for document translation or public notary services, with over 40 years of experience in immigration and notarized document translation.

  Overseas study/migration/investment document translation and notary agency services
  Agency for notary services of the Association of Translators, the court, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and foreign commissioners’ offices
  Dedicated personnel handle all translation and agency services, including document dispatch to the relevant offices, for complete work procedural control and efficiency

Our translation and agency services cover a multitude of records and certificates required for both business and government including household registration records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of military service, police clearance certificates, property certificates, land certificates, transcripts, proof of education, medical certificates, proof of employment, company licenses, factory registration, company registration, tax vouchers, company charters, balance sheets, income statements, award certificates, documents of pledge, documents of authorization, contracts, meeting minutes and more.


  Foreign documents must be verified by the commissioners' offices in Taiwan before submitting to the court for notarization
  Please supply the original copy of the documents to be publicly notarized and the exact spelling of the name as it is in the passport
  For verification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, photocopies of the personal ID or passport (for personal documents) or company registration, list of changes, and authorization letter (for company documents) are required as attachments

An eye-catching graphic design presents your document or publication in the best light, and typesetting is the last step before publishing. PTSGI provides integrated services and offers professional desktop publishing services to touch up your publication before printing. As every desktop publishing software has its own unique functions, we have invested substantial sums in software and hardware resources to provide diversified choices to our clients. PTSGI has the software to meet your desktop publishing needs. This is the unmatched advantage that distinguishes PTSGI from all the rest in the industry.

Our Advantages
  We are equipped to handle both PC and MAC files to satisfy your needs
  We have a wide range of software to choose from: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkExpress, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, AutoCAD, Corel Draw and more
  Our multilingual page layouts are proofread by multilingual translators to set your mind at ease on the readability of different language versions
  Our professional desktop publishing staff is regularly trained for proficiency in the most advanced technology

PTSGI has years of experience in audio/visual production, and our experienced team working in our well-equipped facilities provides you with the most comprehensive services. We handle everything from translating to subtitling to voice dubbing in one integrated solution for TV programs or company training videos. The following list contains some of the areas we offer in multimedia subtitling production:

  Transcription and translation for videos, recordings and scripts
  Subtitling, voice dubbing, and post-production work
  Digital Audio/Video CD output
  Multimedia production for business introduction, product demonstration and marketing purposes

Most importantly, we employ only native speakers for voice dubbing and record only in professional recording studios to ensure optimum sound quality.