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Employee benefits and facilities

Comfortable working environment
Indoor slippers are permitted in the office so employees feel right at home

Assorted fitness equipment for employees
A fitness room complete with exercise bike, stair stepper, twist chair and so forth allows employees to work out and stay fit 

Recreational space for games
A Wii console and coffee machine perfectly complement the recreational games 

Club activities after work
The company has a complete table-tennis set, and in addition, PTSGI invites qualified instructors to hold international ballroom dance classes. 

High tech access control
Restricted electronic access control at PTSGI is complete with digital surveillance to ensure employee safety and guard against perpetrators

Hygienic washrooms and pantry
Dedicated janitors maintain washroom and pantry cleanliness at all times

Comprehensive insurance
PTSGI employees enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage including labor insurance, national health insurance, occupational hazard insurance and group insurance

Retirement benefits
PTSGI employees receive company contributions towards their pension program

Stable salary
PTSGI employees are guaranteed an annual salary 

Lucrative bonuses
Assorted lucrative bonuses await employees with outstanding performance

Bonuses for major festivals
PTSGI employees receive bonuses for all three major festivals and year-end bonus

Subsidies for marriage and bereavements
Company personnel are dispatched to offer congratulations or condolences at employee marriages or bereavements, along with subsidies 

Protection for female colleagues
Female employees are entitled to menstrual leave, maternity leave and nursing leave, while male employees may also take paternity leave. The company also has a nursing room for female employees to nurse their babies

Training for new employees
In addition to vocational skill courses available at PTSGI, new employees also receive training from dedicated supervisors responsible for employee training 

Delicious snacks and refreshments
Occasional birthday cakes and high tea for employees to enjoy 

Practical rewards
PTSGI offers free movie tickets and complimentary 5-star dining for diligent employees and teams with outstanding performance

Emphasis on employee health
PTSGI is a contracted client for one of Taiwan's finest health examination clinics and employees may submit an application for a health exam subsidy 

Tour subsidies
Employee tours are held on a yearly basis at PTSGI; employees may also apply for an overseas travel subsidy at any time

Complimentary massage services
PTSGI has enlisted the expertise of visually impaired masseuses in order to offer work opportunities for the visually impaired while providing free massage services for employees 

Incentives for further studies
Employees may apply for subsidies for trainings and programs relevant to their job descriptions to strengthen their vocational skills

Special discounts for group orders
PTSGI employees enjoy special discounts for group orders of various supplies, snacks or foods

Year end parties
PTSGI hosts large-scale events and a banquet at the end of every year as a gesture of appreciation for the hard work and contribution from each employee

Honorary Leave