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Employee Benefits


Stable salary
Employees are guaranteed an annual salary.
Lucrative bonuses
Various lucrative bonuses await employees with outstanding performance.
Bonuses for major cultural holidays
Employees receive bonuses for Taiwan’s three major holidays and a year-end bonus.
On-boarding program
New employees receive coaching from their supervisor and a newcomer training series.
Excellent promotion channels
Fast and flexible channels for promotion. No limits on annual salary.


Subsidies for marriage and bereavements
Company representatives offer congratulations or condolences at employee marriages or bereavements, along with traditional monetary contributions.
Baby bonus
We encourage staff to have more children to build a stronger nation.
Incentives for further studies
We sponsor trainings and programs for employees to strengthen their professional skills.
Language proficiency bonus
We reward employees that take language proficiency tests such as TOEIC, JPLT, TOPIK, etc.
Housing allowance
The company provides housing allowances to colleagues renting their homes.
Employee referral bonus
We encourage staff to introduce their friends to work with us.

Generous employee benefits

Women-friendly and family-friendly
Female employees may take menstrual leave, maternity leave, and nursing leave, while male employees may also take paternity leave. The company has a nursing room.
Snacks and refreshments
Coffee, tea, birthday cakes and occasional snacks will keep you going.
Free taxis after overtime
To ensure employee safety, we reimburse taxi rides home when you work late.
Year-end party
PTSGI hosts a large-scale banquet event each year to thank all staff for their contributions.
Club activities after work
Table-tennis games and yoga classes are other options to stay fit
Emphasis on employee health
Employees may take a company-sponsored health check at one of Taiwan's finest health examination centers.
Company trip and employee travel
Besides joining the annual company trip, employees may also apply for overseas travel subsidies.
Complimentary massage services
Visually impaired professional massage therapists help employees to relax and refresh at work.
Special discounts for group orders
PTSGI employees enjoy special discounts for group orders of snacks and food.
Honorary Leave
Employees with excellent performance are given honorary leave days.
Graduation gift to employee children
From kindergarten to PhD, any employee child graduating receives a graduation gift.
Early use of annual leave
Past the probation period, first-year employees’ seven days of annual leave are immediately available in full.

Office facilities

Comfortable working environment
The indoor-slipper policy creates an informal atmosphere.
Fitness room
An exercise bike, stair stepper, and gallop machine offer a healthy break.
Recreational space for games
A Wii, VR gaming system, and a coffee machine guarantee fun and refreshment.
Access control and security
Entry and exit are recorded by electronic punch cards and cameras to ensure employee safety.
Five-star restrooms
Modern restrooms with smart toilets and VIP showers, kept spotlessly clean by in-house staff.