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Quality Control

PTSGI's quality assurance covers five areas: service, professionalism, quality, added-value, and confidentiality.

Honest and attentive services are the basic requirements at PTSGI and the foundation of our reputation. Attention to every detail is the core of good communication, and absolutely vital for outstanding services. 
PTSGI enforces a stringent workflow where each procedure is designed to check and audit translation quality, to present you, the client, with the most professional results. PTSGI is committed to continuous improvement and we hold regular meetings to review work procedure and project quality; all aimed at delivering optimum services.
In addition to our fundamental goal of "Converting Multiple Languages with Perfection" is the added-value we provide. We create this added-value to our clients' businesses through our first-rate translations. To ensure the security of your documents, each and every PTSGI employee signs a confidentiality agreement prior to working with us.