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Our Team

Professional specialization is one of the advantages of PTSGI. PTSGI is staffed by professional translators and project managers, while other departments handle the administrative operations of the Company. We reduce errors and maintain quality control through effective teamwork from all departments. "Professional work, done by professionals".

PTSGI employs approximately 300 in-house, full-time language specialists; most are technical translators versed in various fields and the rest are senior editors. We offer regular training for our in-house translators to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services. 6,000 freelance translators subcontracted worldwide form a vital link in our language resources. We constantly track translation quality and daily schedules to ensure optimum performance.
Project managers are responsible for fully understanding customer requirements; they liaise between the company and the translators, and control the work progress and quality. Project managers are divided into two teams; customer service executives coordinate with the customers and manage project quality; and assigning executives communicate with the translators, editors and customer service executives.
On the frontline, our Sales Department handles brand marketing and general customer service, and our Resource Integration Department coordinates between business operations and human resources. Professional specialization ensures the perfect functioning of every unit, and our quality mechanism of checks-and-balances detects even the tiniest error, to deliver premium service on every project for our clients.